news] Se7en does not regret going to the US and revealed that ‘Listen’ by Beyonce inspired him


Se7en revealed what his life was like while he was in the United States.

On the 21’st broadcast of “Sketchbook”, Se7en was the guest and after 3 years and 8 months of hiatus, he is finally back with a new album, Se7en tells us the story of how he was being a singer in the United States.

Se7en shared his thoughts on trying to enter the music industry in the United States, “I have invested a lot of my time in the US, as well as interacting with various artists, During my stay in the US, I have both personally and musically matured”.

He followed, “It is true that my single record was a failure in the market, It was not successful. With these words I have acknowledged the failure of trying to enter the music industry in the United States. Me, My Boss and the people around me knew it was very challenging, But I had no regrets in doing it” He confessed.

“While I was in the states, I was inspired every time i heard Beyonce’s ‘Listen'” he revealed, “It was a good song that matched well with my emotional situation at that time, the lyrics hit me really well” He said mentioning the lyrics of the song. “I will go find my voice. Guys, I will find my voice”.

Also, He made his own cover of Beyonce’s “Liste” on the show.

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