Kim HeeChul


Kim Heechul
Birth name Kim Hee-chul
Born July 10, 1983 (1983-07-10) (age 26)
Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Pop, dance, trot
Occupations Singer, dancer, actor, television host, radio host, MC, model
Instruments Piano, drums
Years active 2005–present
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts SM Town, Super Junior, Super Junior-T
Kim Heechul
Hangul 김희철
Hanja 金希澈
Revised Romanization Gim Huicheol
McCune–Reischauer Kim Hŭich’ŏl

Kim Hee-chul (born July 10, 1983), also credited as Heechul, is a Korean pop singer, actor, presenter, and a member of the super boy band Super Junior. Fans often recognize him as the flower of Super Junior, and his fans became officially known as Kkochip (꽃잎, “petals”).[1]

Pre-Super Junior

He was first discovered at Starlight Casting System 2002. Before he officially debuted as a member of Super Junior, he was put into a group called “Four Seasons” with Kangin from Super Junior, and Jaejoong and Yunho from TVXQ. They were to represent the four seasons of the year. The prospective group never saw the light when two members, Jaejoong and Yunho, debuted in 2003 with TVXQ. He still maintains a close friendship with Yunho. He made his first appearance on TV starring in the teen drama “Banolim 2”. He also appeared on television through modeling, acting, and VJing.
Official Debut

On November 6, 2005, Kim Heechul officially debuted on SBS “Inki Gayo” performing Super Junior’s first single “TWINS (Knock Out)”.

Apart from singing, he also began to appear on numerous variety shows such as Vitamin, Sponge, Xman and Love Letter, and also had one of the leading roles in the sitcom “Rainbow Romance”. He can also be seen in advertisements for various Korean brands. He has also been a substitute MC for Andy of Shinhwa on SBS “Inki Gayo” on numerous occasions.

On August 10, 2006, Kim Heechul was involved in a car accident while heading back to Seoul from Mokpo, where he attended fellow Super Junior member Lee Donghae’s father’s funeral. The tires malfunctioned while his car attempted to switch lanes. From this accident, he fractured his femur and sustained several other injuries. He was advised to stop all activities for a period of 3 months.

He was discharged from the hospital in September, but he did his comeback on November 25 in the MKMF Awards.

He was active again with his group Super Junior and a sub-group, Super Junior-T that debuted February 23, 2007, with the Trot “teuroteu” single “Rokuko!!!” (65 로꾸거; [KoKuRo (backwards) spelled backwards]) while he still had a few rods in his leg. He started performing with Super Junior as a whole (whose dance routines are more strenuous than those of Super Junior-T’s) in late April and early May. Heechul will also be a permanent host for SBS “Inki Gayo” with Korean actor Jang Geun Suk starting February 25, 2007. The remaining rods were removed in 2008.

In 2007, Super Junior released their second album Don’t Don, they did the “Super Show” tour and recorded their first movie “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”. He also starred in a new drama called “Golden Bride”.

In 2008, he continued with Super Junior: they visited Japan, did their second photobook “Boys at City Season 2″ (at Tokyo) and the gorgeous “Super Show Encore”, while he was preparing to take on a role in the musical “Xanadu”. He underwent surgery again to remove the remaining rods in his leg and started with the musical.

Then he was involved in various TV programs like “Joahseo, Good Daddy” with F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki and three other celebrities, as well as “Band of Brothers” with Kang-in, and Jungmo and Jay (last two from “The TRAX”).

In 2009, Super Junior recorded their 3rd album and they started performing on TV again, making a stop to do the “Super Show II”.

Currently, Heechul is taking part in a new drama “I Love You Ten Million Times”, and also appearing in a few TV shows as guest, such as “Oppa Band”.
Television and acting career

Like bandmate Kibum, Heechul made his first television appearance as an actor before the debut of Super Junior. He starred in the 2005 teen drama, Sharp 2, which he acted alongside Kibum. Not long afterwards, Heechul appeared in an episode of Loveholic as a chef trainee. After the debut of Super Junior, Heechul teamed with Kibum again to star in the sixth season of Nonstop, alternatively known as Rainbow Romance. In 2006, Heechul starred as the supporting character Gong Min in Bad Family. In 2007, he starred in the popular family drama Golden Bride as Kim Young-soo.

Heechul is also a credible host. Before his music debut, Heechul started his hosting career by being a regular MC for the cable music show Show! Music Tank. Soon after the debut of Super Junior he switched to hosting SBS’s Popular Songs. He has also been a radio host of his own radio show, SBS Power FM Youngstreet along with Park Heebon, but the program ended in mid-2006. Aside from acting, singing, and hosting, Heechul also became an active participant in variety shows, making frequent appearances on Heroine 6, Vitamin, Sponge, X-man and Love Letter.

From September 9 to November 9, 2008, Heechul and Kang-in starred in the Korean version of the musical Xanadu, sharing the lead role Sonny. Auditions and casting picks was chosen in a process through reality television (To Be Kang-in and Heechul) to promote the musical.[2]

He was also on Good Daddies, as learning to be a good father and care for his “daughter” with four other celebrities including F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki and at “Band of Brothers” (with kangin, jungmo and jay) paying tribute to famous and different bands doing their own showcase at the end of the program.

Currently, he’s taking part in a new drama “Loving You a Thousand Times” and also appearing as a guest in a few TV shows like “Oppa Band”.
Musical career

In October 2002, Heechul discovered SM Entertainment’s Starlight Casting System on a whim as he was researching on entertainment companies. Heechul and his friends traveled to Seoul to audition. As he was unfamiliar with the area, Heechul missed the open audition hours, but was casted anyway because of his beautiful appearance.

Along with Hero Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho, and future bandmate Kang-in, SM Entertainment placed them in a small project music group called Four Seasons, with each of the four members representing the four seasons of the year. The prospective group never came through; both Hero and U-Know were chosen to join another all-male singing group TVXQ, which debuted in December 2003. With two members gone, the idea of Four Seasons dropped. Heechul and Kang-in were then placed in Super Junior along with ten other trainees under the same company. This project group managed through well, and they debuted two years later in November 6, 2005 under the name Super Junior 05, the first generation of Super Junior.

In early 2006, SM Entertainment was beginning to recruit new members for the next Super Junior generation, Super Junior 06, with Heechul still as an undergraduate member of Super Junior. However, plans changed when the company added in a thirteenth member Kyuhyun, and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations. The group dropped the suffix “05″ and became officially credited as Super Junior. The re-polished group hit it big after they released their first CD single “U” the following summer in 2006, which became Super Junior’s most successful single in the music charts until the release of “Sorry, Sorry” in March 2009. However, setbacks occurred for the promotions of “U” in the latter half of the year when Heechul suffered a major injury from a car accident that occurred on August 10, 2006, when he was heading back to Seoul from Mokpo, where he went to attend the funeral of Donghae’s father. The tires malfunctioned while his car attempted to switch lanes. From this accident, he fractured five places on his left leg including his femur, knee, and ankle which required a 6-hour surgery and sustained several other injuries including a tear to his tongue which required stitches. He was advised to stop all activities for a period of twelve weeks. He was released from the hospital on September 13, 2006 and received out patient care. He returned to the hospital to have a second surgery to remove some of the iron rods in his leg on October 10 and briefly returned to work in late October to film the final three episodes of the MBC youth sitcom Rainbow Romance while still in a cast and wheelchair. It wasn’t until late December when Heechul officially returned to individual activities such as variety show appearances and hosting appearances.

In February 2007 he was able to perform on stage as a member of Super Junior-T, a six-piece trot-singing subgroup of Super Junior while still having a few rods in his leg. He started performing with Super Junior as a whole (whose dance routines are more strenuous than those of Super Junior-T) in late April and early May. The remaining rods were removed in 2008. Super Junior released their 3rd album in early 2009 and started with the “Super Show II”.
Further information: Super Junior discography
TV Dramas & Movies
Further information: Super Junior filmography

I Love You Ten Million Times: “Lee Chul” (SBS, 2009..)

TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun: “Himself/Cameo” (MBC, 2009)

Golden Bride: “Kim Young-soo” (SBS, 2008)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: “Simon’s voice” (2007)

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys: “Himself” (2007)

Rainbow Romance: “Himself” (MBC 2005-2007)

Bad Family: “Gong Min” (SBS, 2006)

Sharp 2: “Baek Jin-woo” (KBS2, 2005)

Loveholic: “Young Chef/Cameo” (KBS, 2005)
Disc jockey

Young Street Radio (영스트리트) : November 1, 2005–April 30, 2006 (with Park Heebon)

Heechul’s 100 question & answer

1. Name: Hee Chul ýñ (3 years ago it used to be Cinderella¤»)
2. Birthdate: July 10
3. Alma mater (graduating school): Neulparan (Always Blue) High School
7. Strong point: I don’t bother folks by telling them to do this or that
8. Weak point: I have too much pride..
9. Hobbies: Sparring with Heebummie (heck, it’s one-sided but still..)
10. Specialty: Verbal comebacks
11. Religion: Against even Si Won’s preachings, I have no interest
12. Height: 178Cm (I grew a tad after I got out of the hospital. Euichul, give me just 2Cm..)
16. Favorite music: Sad songs..(I dance even to sad songs)
17. Favorite musician: I don’t know. I don’t know who I like.. who I dislike..
18. Favorite season: Season or whatever as long as it’s not hot or cold
19. Favorite food: Kimchi bbokeumbbop (Kimchi fried rice) (Back then I found saying bbokeumbbop rather than bogeumbop cute..)
20. Favorite actor/actress: Sohn Yeh Jin.. alas no change
21. Things that you want to own: Cash, apartment, stocks (I guess I’ve gotten older..)
22. My ideal type: Trying to find a woman who is your ideal type is quite ridiculous.. The person you truly like is your ideal type.. I didn’t realize that..
23. My current dilemma: I have too many more important tasks at hand than being in love..
24. When was your first love: I didn’t have one 3 years ago.. I’ve gotten older.. dammit..(-¦®)
25. Definition concerning love: Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart
26. Alcohol tolerance level: Even if I want to get drunk because I’m having a hard time, I can’t seem to
27.Alcohol induced habit: Damned cigarettes.. after I quit, I don’t seem to have any habits
28. How many most valuable friends: The important thing isn’t ‘how many,’ but rather ‘how deep’
29. Treasure #1: As expected, me.. no matter how much I like someone, in the end it’s still me..
30. When I see myself as handsome: Let’s do something about the dark circles first..
31. When I see myself as sexy: As I said, let’s do something about the dark circles..(-¦®)
32. Current hair style: Roughly short hair.. I need to get it cut shorter..
33. Current clothing attire: Underwear that has drawings of cats all over it(+__)a
34. My current posture: Heebummie is on my lap(This little bastard)
35. Things in your pocket: Do underwear have pockets these days;;
36. When did you first try drinking alcohol: When I was in junior high school.. ah ah;; with my family^-^
37. Thing you want to do most right now: I want to write.. something..
38. Favorite color: Blood color (red) ..
39. Present you want to receive from your significant other: Love? Heechulie has grown up.. tsk..
40. Favorite brand: The only thing of luxury in the house is Heebummie.. duenjangmyo (materialistic cat)
41. When do you want to get married: I have no thoughts of wanting to get married, but..¤» pretty.. soon?
42.What do you do when home alone?: Computer games. I bought a joystick not too long ago~
43. Time it usually takes to fall asleep: About the time it takes for four songs to play in my headphone..
44. Clothing style: Charming storm style
45. Habit: The frequency with which I get absentmindedly lost in thought has decreased
46. Highest ranking while attending school: 5th… When I was younger, I was even 1st
47. Difference between women and men: The difference between a false angel and genuine devil
48. If you are born again: A flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it..
49. What would I have been in a previous life?: A thornbush.. because if you touch me, you could get wounded..
50. If someone you love cheats on you: I’ll kill.. that’s what I’d say~¤»¤»
51. Song I like to sing most at noraebang (Karaoke) : How many years has it been since I’ve stopped even going to a noraebang
52. What you want to do on rainy days: On rainy days, no matter what you do, it’s irritating
53. Current physical condition: Even though I quit smoking, I keep coughing.. Everyone should quit smoking~
54. If you were left behind alone in a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you: Why don’t you go
55. If you get married, how many kids?: Lightly two~
56. Person you want to see the most right now: Parents..? Ah.. embarrassing
57. Favorite snacks: I should eat my meals properly first
58. Monthly allowance: I get what I need from the ATM.. I don’t have a credit card
59. Restaurant that you go to often: Having delivery is the most convenient. Ah.. nobleman..
60. What do you mainly do in your free time?: I smack and get smacked by Heebummie. This rascal is too smart for his own good..
61. Do you tend to get dumped? or do the dumping?: Whether you do the dumping or you get dumped, sadness is all the same
62. Reason for your answer to question 61: Frequency.. as if there is something wrong with my personality..?
63. Something you most want to have: A house! Ah.. how did I get so corrupted..
64. If you are reincarnated?: Didn’t I say it before a flower at the edge of a cliff?
65. When you feel that you’ve become an adult: They say I’m too young to love
66. Country you want to visit the most: Never mind a country.. being at home is the most comfortable
67. Your method to evaluate human beings: I don’t have time to evaluate others
68. What kind of proposal is the most awesome: Why don’t you tell me
69. Place you want to go to most with your significant other: My parents’ house in Kangwondo
70. What’s your cellphone bill: The bill goes to my parents’ house so I don’t really know..
71. If you go on vacation, where to: Where there is no one
72. Favorite TV program: If we turn on the air conditioner, the TV doesn’t turn on so I can’t watch
73. If unification (of Korea) happens: Heck.. I don’t know whether it does or it doesn’t..
74. The person you think of when you get rained on: An umbrella seller
75. When do you feel like you are happy: Even though I don’t have love, I have friends and fans with me
76. Most recent movie you saw: (D-War).. every time I flush the toilet, I think about it..
77. Movie that made a deep impression: (D-War).. whether or not someone else curses it, if I like it it’s the best
78. What do you think about homosexuals: What do I need to think about it for;;
79. Do you think one can marry someone else for the sake of someone they love: What?
80. First thing you want to do for someone you love: I want to hug them.. *retch*
81. Do you think you have a tendency to cheat: I wish I had a little bit of it..
82. I want to die when it’s like this: Hey nims.. manners..
83. While walking down a street, if you find $10 million: You should take it to the police station^-^ What kind of crazy..
84. When you’re heart hurt the most: A breakup.. and memories
85. The most indecent man is: Men who think men have enormous privileges
86. The most indecent woman is: Women who think that everything they do is forgivable just because they are women
87. If you became an invisible man: My answer when I was in grade school.. secretly looking into the women’s bath house
88. Name of the alcohol you like the most: Even if you put one alcohol into another bottle, I wouldn’t know..
89. Appetizers you like to eat most with alcohol: Chitterlings. There was even a time when I ate chitterlings four times within the same week..
90. Behavior when angry: Throwing everything that I can get my hands on..^-^ filtering
91. Motto: I’m me, you’re you(there’s been no change in 25 years)
92. When someone you just met asks you for your phone number: Smirk -_-
93. Your nickname: Heenim!! (Half at my insistence, just like Cinderella)
94. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: First, I open my eyes..
95. Place on your body in which you are most confident: My returning healthy hair~ I used to be Rellastein
96. Do you have a jinx: You want to make me one?
97. The most valuable thing in the world is: Me. If there were no me, everything would be over for me~
98. When you are the happiest: When my cellphone rings
99. When you are the saddest: When I happily answer and they say “Dear customer”………………(-¦®)
100. Last thing I want to say: In the 3 years (since the last 100 Questions and 100 Answers).. I’ve changed so much..

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